Performance mandate

Our activity is aimed at quickly and permanently integrating job-seekers into the labour market by imparting practical commercial skills.

  • Promotion of employability through practical application in the commercial sector (learning by doing);

  • Promotion of key qualifications (technical, methodological, personal and social competence);

  • Reintegration or reintegration of insured persons into the work process;

  • Efficient support for applications and job search.

Does the stay in the practice company bring anything?

performance targets

The Employment Office has set a performance target:
40% of the participants will take up a position during the programme or within three months of the end of the programme.

The results of our placement rate since the company was founded are shown below (red is the percentage of Bears Trading; blue is the average of all practice companies in Switzerland): 























Participants' satisfaction with the programme

At the end of the course, the participants receive an anonymous questionnaire from the Office of Economy and Labour in which they are asked about their satisfaction with the course. The individual questions are assessed on a scale of 1 to 6. This ultimately results in a "grading" of the offer. The "mark" must not be less than 4.5. We have regularly met or exceeded this requirement for years.

2015      2016      2017
5.8         5.7         5.7

External quality audit by audits
The quality of our practice company is regularly checked by external experts.  These so-called audits are carried out every two years by the AWA (Office of Economics and Labour) on the one hand and by the head office of the Swiss practice companies (Helvartis) on the other.

Below are a few excerpts from the audit reports:

Audit AWA:

Bears Trading has an excellent practice that is established at a high level. A proven effect is achieved. The offer can still be

used as a role model for other practice companies.


Audit Helvartis:

The management team is professional, competent and committed. In this composition it covers all aspects and needs of the practice company. The individual team members complement each other excellently. Of course, this also contributes to the generally good and pleasant basic atmosphere at PF.

The training methods are efficient and leave enough room for autonomy and initiative.

The transfer of knowledge by a team leader and very detailed and easily understandable procedures are geared towards solid basic training.

PF has the necessary equipment, infrastructure and professional software applications. The tools used are very efficient.

They allow a professional handling of business processes.

The audit clearly shows that all 34 points of the Helvartis quality standards are met.


The motivation of the participants is noticeable.

An attempt is made to work as realistically as possible. Business cases such as notifications of defects and requests for offers are also applied.


As already assumed during the last audit, this PF has further developed under the given good basic conditions. In the current situation, the few identified improvement possibilities are only in the millimetre range. All suggestions and deviations from standards have been incorporated and eliminated. The practice company continues to work very closely with the Helvartis concept.



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